sluice box stand folding sluice
folding sluice box
Folding Stream Sluice
Only 9 x 14 x 4 inches when it is folded it is a very small
package. Unfolded it is a formidable 9 inch x 50 inch
stream sluice that weighs only 7.4 pounds. Complete
with 3 folding sections, expanded aluminum under all the
riffles, a detachable flare, and a section of Deep-V vinyl
mat. Detachable Shoulder Strap: The carry strap is
removable and extends to 45 inches so that it can be
used as a hand or shoulder strap. New Riffle Design:
The riffles are now a Uni-Body construction precision
laser cut from a single piece of 18 gauge steel and then
formed into ultra light, sturdy steel riffles. These are then
zinc plated for long rust-free service.
Item #: J-6506
SALE PRICE: $116.99
   Regular Price: $149.95
gold prospecting backpack
JOBE Folding Sluice Stand
Collapsible Sluice Stand for the
JOBE Folding Sluice
Item #: J-5118
ON SALE $77.95
Regular price: $94.95
Folding Sluice Backpack
Perfect choice for
backpacking the JOBE
folding sluice.
Item #: J-5096
ON SALE  $27.95
Regular Price: $34.95
ez sluice - small sluice box
tee dee ez sluice
Great for backpacking, the Tee-Dee E-Z Sluice can be purchased
with  or without the flare.
Made of polypropylene plastic with 2 ABS plastic Hungarian riffle
weighs less than 2 pounds. Custom corrugation molded into the
plastic, traps gold making recovery awesome and setup a breeze.
The E-Z sluice is black, 2 1/2" deep, 24" long and 7" wide.
Sluice Only - Item #: J-5896 $43.95
Flare Only: Item # J-6512: $14.95  
Sluice & Flare: Item #: J-5896-PCKG $58.90

JOBE Folding Sluice

Header Box for JOBE
Folding Sluice

Item #: J-6537
Sale Price: $35.95
Regular Price: $39.95
JOBE Folding Stream Sluice Accessories
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Tee-Dee E-Z Sluice & Accessories
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Phone orders welcome!
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