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Vista Gem & Mineral Society
San Diego County ~ Vista, California
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Tourmaline King Mine
San Diego County ~ Pala, California
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Cyro-Genie Mine: Gems ~ Tourmaline
San Diego County ~ California
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Turquoise Mines
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High Desert Gems & Minerals
Himalaya Tourmaline Mine
San Diego County ~ California
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American Turquoise Mines
Of the United States
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Gem Mining in Franklin, North Carolina
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Indian Village ~ Turquoise mines
Gem Mining
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The Blue Lady Mine ~ Gem Mine
San Diego County
Warner Springs, California
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California State Gem Mine
Northern California
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The Oceanview Mine
San Diego County ~ Pala, California
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Tourmaline Queen Mine
San Diego County ~ California
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Gold In North Carolina
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Georgia Gem & Mineral Society
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Discover Palomar Mountain
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