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Item #: K-HVS   SALE PRICE: $382.95
Regular Price: $425.00
NEW! No more mixing gas

Keene Engineering  HVS Vac-Pack   *Blower Only Option*
The Keene blower system "HVS" runs all day on just one gallon of
gasoline and can literally vacuum and clean gold deposits from
cracks & crevices.

This powerful vacuum cleans out cracks and crevices like nothing
you've ever seen before.  A perfect companion for your Keene 140
drywasher, it alleviates the frustration of not being able to remove
material off rough bedrock where the untouched gold deposits rest.   
Includes a 6' 2-1/2" vacuum hose, a plastic crevice nozzle, and a
special crevice tool.  
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Keene 140 Drywasher ON SALE

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Pay pal gold mining drywasher
Keene 140S Drywasher
Keene Engineering has upgraded their
140 drywasher model, now known as the
Keene 140S Drywasher.   

Some of the upgraded changes include:
* Soft Bed Technology: creates greater
electrostatic charged recovery bed.

* Scrubbing Pins:  at the top of the riffle
tray (labeled number 1 in the photo) for
early separation of gold and even flow
before entry into the recovery tray.

* Vibration transfer brackets (labeled as
number 2 in the photo) that transfer
energy to the hopper for more complete
and efficient classification.

* Blast Gate Technology: (labeled as
number 3 in the photo and located on the
top end above the scrubbing pins on the
outside of the recovery box)  enables the
user to make fine adjustments to vibration
and air pressure in the recovery container.

Purchase the Keene 140S drywasher as a
complete package to include: dryasher,
Keene HVS Blower/Vac & drywasher hose
Item #: K-140S-COMPLETE
SALE PRICE: $1,035.00
Regular price: $1,150.00
***Package includes the HVS blower
pictured and listed below***

Purchase the Keene 140S drywasher only
Item #: K-140S
SALE PRICE: $629.95
Regular price: $699.00

Purchase the Keene HVS blower/vac
ONLY (pictured below)
Item # K-HVS
SALE PRICE: $382.95
Regular Price: $425.00
Keene 140S Drywasher riffle
New Keene 140S Dry washer
Keene 140S Drywasher Dimensions
Total height fully setup: 41.5"
Top hopper overall length: 29"   width: 15.5"
Hopper classifier screen length: 24"   width: 9"
Riffle tray overall length: 29"   width: 9.5"
Riffle area only length: 23"     width: 7"
Folded dimensions: Length: 23"  width: 21"   height: 15"
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